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Climbing Out
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A great music video created for WhyTry by Dave Murray of Austin, Texas.

Charlotte & Jonathan
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A great example of a truly supportive friendship from Britain's Got Talent

Egg In A Bottle Experiment
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Video walkthrough of an activity that demonstrates the Climbing Out metaphor 

Why I Got Rid of Most of My Friends - Prince Ea
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Prince Ea discusses how to create space between yourself and negative influences in your life. 

"Here"- Alessia Cara
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Young artist Alessia Cara addresses several teen situations in this popular music video

"Crabbuckit" - k-os
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Video by k-os that talks about "taking the higher road" by looking at the "crabs in the bucket"

Brain Games - Social Conformity
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Humorous and eye-opening video demonstrating social conformity

Take a Seat, Make a Friend
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Sometimes we have to branch out to find new, positive friendships

Crabs In A Bucket
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Live crabs try to climb their way out of a bucket.

Waterbed Prank
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A hidden camera gag catches some surprised shoppers.

Peer Pressure
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This video montage portrays the negative side effects of "following the crowd," and encourages students to stand up for what they believe in.

A Game Of Hope
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Having support and positive affirmation helps these young men climb out of the pot

Good Kid Mad Peer Pressure
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Why there's peer pressure and how to handle it

Be The Difference - Rhonaker
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Motivational, monologue overlay of popular film clips

One Simple Skill to Overcome Peer Pressure
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Behavioral scientists explain "why smart people do dumb things" in this kid-friendly video

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A young boy steps up in an incredible way to help a discouraged neighbor.