Lift the Weight Video Resources

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Tools for Downloading Video Clips from Youtube and other online video sites.

Web based:  This is a website that will convert youtube videos and allow you to download them as an .mp4 file for offline use.

Application based tools: this is a downloadable app that allows you to download and save youtube clips for offline use.

You can also view these resources on YouTube and Pinterest

 Weightlifter (VW ad)
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Maximum power condensed!

Weightlifting Mishaps
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Humorous mix showing various weightlifting accidents.

Olympic Weightlifter Mishap (Allstate ad) 
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Are you in good hands?

What I Am
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In this adorable Sesame Street music video, sings about how we get stronger when we never give up. This video also works well with "Labels."

No Dishonor in Disabilities
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Educator Steven Claunch discusses the number of ways he's overcome the obstacle of being born without fingers on his right hand and having one leg shorter than the other. 

Left Arm Smaller Than Right
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An interesting (and humorous) experiment from the film "Lady in the Water."

Rocky Theme
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One man shows that hard work pays off

Skittles: Settle It
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Two friends try to settle it over their favorite Skittles flavor.

Mulan Challenge
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In Disney's Mulan, Mulan uses weights and other creative ways to solve her problems